Saturday, 3 May 2014

Freezer led rescue

There were quite a few things sitting in the kitchen this morning that were in danger of going off or not being used so I had a quick tidy up and stuck as much as I could in the freezer to minimise the waste.  The rescued articles were as follows:

  • A couple of bananas - leftover bananas always get sliced and frozen for later use in smoothies, ice cream or baking.
  • Half a punnet of plums - these were halved and stoned first.  They will probably be made into stewed plums for topping porridge or rice pudding.
  • Half a tub of strawberry soya yoghurt - I find the texture of yoghurt goes a bit funny when you freeze it but it's still useful for baking (like in this recipe).
  • Couple of gem lettuces - I'm pretty sure you can't freeze raw lettuces but I roughly chopped these up and braised them for about 10 minutes in a bit of vegetable stock.  When I defrost them I will warm them up and add some peas and fresh herbs for a side dish.
  • Parsley/Mint - the staple rescue of chopping up and freezing in ice cube trays covered in vegetable stock, for use in stews and soups.
Not a bad haul really, though it doesn't help with the fact that I'm trying to run down the freezer at the moment so I can defrost it!

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