Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Snack box continued

I wrote a few weeks ago (in this post) that I had started to get graze boxes to take to work.

At the time I was unsure whether it would be a long term thing as they worked out to be quite expensive and the portions were quite small, but I have decided that I love them!

There is always something new to try and they are so varied, they make me try things that I might not think to buy when doing my normal food shopping, they are (usually) healthier than all the chocolate and biscuits that appear in the office, and they are so convenient.


I have decided to only get one box a week so it means I have one graze-free day a week, which helps the expense a little bit, but I really do think they are here to stay in my life.

I would urge you to try one!  You could even try leaving a comment and I'll give you one of my friend codes so you can have some freebies.

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